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Health Impact CoLAB is a collective where impact-driven individuals and professionals can connect and drive meaningful conversations, actions, and collaborations to achieve our shared vision in the health and social space.


Health Impact CoLAB was grown out of the vision of integrating care across the health and social care systems and building a healthy, person-centred and caring environment for everyone.


We believe that health which constitutes physical, mental and social wellbeing, should be accessible for everyone, and health services or initiatives can be better supported, coordinated, delivered or co-created with residents in the community.


Our contributors come from diverse backgrounds. In their own capacity, they are movers and shakers in the health, social, health tech and digital space. Each one of them is a firm believer in being a change agent for creating greater social good. Together, they strive to achieve this aspiration through knowledge sharing, facilitating conversations, collaboration.


This site is managed by our key contributors. They include but are not limited to the following members. 

Dr Adam Chee

National University of Singapore, Institute of Systems Science

Dr Ng Yeuk Fan

Yishun Health

Gabriel Sim


Lee Lin Hui

National Healthcare Group

Brian Ng

National University of Singapore, Institute of Systems Science

Bethia Chua

National University of Singapore, Institute of Systems Science


We organise regular webinars and brown bag sessions to promote exchange of ideas between the passionate change-makers and the inspired. Have a keen topic for discussion? Drop us a line. 

We believe there is an abundance of resources available for the health and social care segment in the market. However, it is often difficult to navigate, under-utilised and untapped for the community. It is, therefore, our commitment to make them more accessible for the betterment of this community that we serve in.

We provide individuals or groups a platform to showcase their projects and initiatives, and facilitate implementation with interested accelerators and incubators.

This is ultimately a space for impact-driven individuals or professionals to share their ideas, drive meaningful conversations, connect with like-minded people, and to inspire and collaborate with one another for the greater good in the health and social care space.

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